Chapterhouse May 2018 Solicits

What a Pitiful Human Lizard He Is: Chapterhouse May 2018 Solicits

All of this comes from Chapterhouse's May 2018 solicits.CAPTAIN CANUCK YEAR ONE #3 VIRGIN ART MAR181380 (W) Jay Baruchel (A) Creees Hyunsung Lee, Creees Hyunsung Lee (CA) Vaneda Vireak The lost tale of how Tom Evans became the hero known as Captain Canuck continues! Assigned to support the notorious mercenary group Parsifal, Tom Evans used his powers to covertly[...]

Chapterhouse 2018

Dan Fogler Puts Brooklyn Gladiator Into the Ring: Chapterhouse April 2018 Solicits

It takes place in post-apocalyptic 2033 New York, where the titular Brooklyn Gladiator tries to make the wrong things right again as a "Rock & roll kung-fu Robin Hood." Plus, the continued origin of Captain Canuck will be released, and Freelance and Fantomah continues their runs, all from Chapterhouse Comics this April.CAPTAIN CANUCK YEAR ONE: BOOK THREE Story by Jay Baruchel Art by[...]

Chapterhouse March 2018 Solicits: Die Kitty Die and Invasion on FCBD 2018

All this is from Chapterhouse's March 2018 solicits More details below.JAN180021 FCBD 2018 DIE KITTY DIE I LOVE YOU TO DEATH Kitty is dead.. and Free Comic Book Day is just not the same without her! News of Kitty Ravencraft's unexpected and mysterious demise spreads throughout the Kitty-verse! At Kitty Comix, opportunistic publisher Skip Stone finally has[...]


Chapterhouse Changes Prices For Monthly Comics And Trades

Canadian-based comics publisher Chapterhouse has decided to restructure their pricing across the board of their Chapterverse superhero titles, changing the price of every monthly comic to just $1.99 US and all trade paperbacks to $9.99 US.The new prices will be applied across the board in 2018.Chapterhouse have released the following press release to lay out[...]

Chapterhouse Finds New Chief Creative Officer In Jay Baruchel

Chapterhouse Comics, Canada's largest comic book publisher and home to such titles as Captain Canuck and Freelance, proudly announced the actor, writer and director as their new investor, owner and Chief Creative Officer.Headed by CEO Fadi Hakim, Chapterhouse Comics has made leaps and bounds in promoting Canadian talent, and it was this which attracted Baruchel[...]