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Zombies Vs Robots To Inherit The Earth And A Director To Boot

IDW's Zombies Vs Robots series has snagged a director… though it's getting a different title. Now called Inherit The Earth, the film will be directed by Andrew Adamson (Chronicles of Narnia) from a script by Oren Uziel (JT Perry wrote earlier drafts). Based on the comic by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, the story follows […]

Dave Gibbons at San Diego Comicon 2014

How An Evening With Dave Gibbons Spawned The Coolest Christmas Gift

By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu San Diego Comic-Con 2014, for me, remains a gift that keeps on giving and in this case, quite literally. When I got confirmation that I would indeed be experiencing Comic-Con, I also made plans for some other auxiliary activities, some Con-related and some not so much. It was with great happiness […]

Ryan Adams To Create Comic Book For IDW?

There are lots of ways I hear about upcoming projects. Most of them very private indeed. And then there are some that are very public. Such as singer/songwriter Ryan Adams is working on a comic book. Slowly. Another day, another couple pages in my comic book. Today's soundtrack… @superchunk ( again ) — Ryan […]

When Chris Ryall Met Steve Ditko…

Yesterday morning, the editor-in-chief of IDW, Chris Ryall, had a New York meeting with a certain Spider-man creator Steve Ditko. I know this because he took a photo of Steve's door with "S. DITKO" written across it. IDW have been publishing some classic Ditko works of late with the Monsters and Shorts volumes. But could […]

Process Art From Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland #2

IDW Publishing's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall shared these progress images from the upcoming Little Nemo: Return to Slumblerland #2 on his facebook page. This is page 11 with art by Gabriel Rodriguez, colors by Nelson Daniel and letters by Robbie Robbins.

Sam Kieth Gets His Sci-Fi On With Mars Attacks: First Born

The celebrated creator of The Maxx, Sam Kieth is teaming once again with his The Hollows cohort Chris Ryall to tell an EC style Sci-Fi tale. Mars Attacks: First Born is a four-issue series written by Ryall, drawn by Kieth and co-plotted by both. It focuses on the after effects of the martian invasion and […]

Editors On Editing At NYCC

I'm Mike Hogan, in line at the Editors on Editing panel at NYCC. I'm expecting a few mentions of DC editorial, but I hope the panel will cover other topics as well. The panel as planned is: Scott Allie – Editor-in-Chief, Dark Horse Chris Ryall – Editor-in-Chief, IDW Warren Simons – Executive Editor, Valiant Buddy […]

Alan Robert Announces The Shunned One

Alan Robert, bassist and songwriter for the band Life of Agony, has teamed up again with IDW Publishing to release his fourth creator-owned horror comic miniseries called The Shunned One next year. The series is described as: A tale of winged woe focusing on an Angel of Death who goes rogue after being ordered to […]

BC Mag #4: License To Thrill: An Interview With IDW EIC Chris Ryall

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by James Kuhoric Everyone dreams big in comics. But IDW has taken the dream and turned it into an unprecedented success story, going from fledgling upstart to dominating publishing powerhouse. And they've done it with an impressive mix of licensed titles and original tales that have shown incredible insight into projects […]

Dave Sim Draws Dredd Again

Yes, Judge Dredd, whatis through the portal? Another Judge Dredd cover for IDW from Dave Sim there, from Judge Dredd Year One #2. As well as one cover to Chris Ryall and Drew Moss' new IDW series, Colonize...

BC Mag #1: Gaze Into The Fist Of Dredd!

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Gavin Lees In the mid-twentieth century, Britain began to build upwards. In place of the rubble and desolation caused by World War II, tower blocks were erected as quick solutions to house a booming population. They offered futuristic monuments to post-war progress and reassurance in the vision of government. It […]

Thursday Trending Topics: Optimus Prime Could Have Been A Green Lantern

Some intriguing art & tidbits from a comic that could have been: It was a pitch by Chris Ryall of IDW and Phil Jimenez to DC Comics. Sadly it happened just before the New 52 relaunch and was sidelined. Phil credits Chris with the idea of making Optimus Prime a Green Lantern. Sadly, you know […]

How IDW Captured Judge Dredd – That WonderCon Panel In Full

Peter S. Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool. A lot. He gave some headlines the other day, today, he talks about yesterday's IDW Panel at WonderCon in full. The IDW Panel at WonderCon 2012 announced their gaining the rights to Judge Dredd, Mark Waid writing the Rocketeer with Chris Samnee, and fifty-five variant covers to Mars […]

The Comics Inside Silent Hill: Downpour

Siike Donnelly writes for Bleeding Cool; I'll start by saying this won't be your typical videogame review. I won't go into detail about bad frame rate, game mechanics, or give any major spoilers. The reason being is that after reading various reviews of Silent Hill: Downpour that already do those things, probably better than I […]

Swipe Ryall: Reflections In The Blood You're Standing In

Everyone's talking Swipe Files these days, it seems Chris Ryall was keen to point on his blog the following artwork sporting certain similarities… The first by Franco Urru is from 2007 and the second by Darick Robertson, more recently. I don't know though. I can think of precedence… or even… …any more for any more? […]