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Locke & Key (Image: Netflix)
Last month, comic book creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez and series editor Chris Ryall offered Locke & Key fans a brief update on how production was going, which at that point had just gotten underway Flash ahead nearly two months, and Darby Stanchfield (Nina), Emilia Jones (Kinsey), Connor Jessup (Tyler), Jackson Robert Scott (Bode), and[...]
IDW Publishing Promotes Bennington, Meyers and Cahalin
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool learnt that IDW Publisher Chris Ryall was leaving the company as Chief Creative Officer, President, Publisher Today we have learnt that the company will be promoting a number ofexecutives to cover his, and new roles. Jerry Bennington has been named as President of IDW Publishing, following VP of New Product Development at the company[...]
Chris Ryall Leaving IDW
Once upon a time, Chris Ryall was EIC of the comic book and movie gossip website MoviePoopShoot for Kevin Smith Only I remember this Because he has had a much more rewarding career at IDW for sixteen years, on-and off, who also published his series Zombies Vs Robots with Ashley Wood After being made Editor-In-Chief[...]
Photo of IDW publisher Chris Ryall
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Photo of IDW publisher Chris Ryall Comic Shop Closures and the 10 Most-Read Stories Yesterday Today, The Comic Shops Direct Market Was Saved More Comic Book Stores Close Permanently Ethan Van Sciver Mean Streak Directed at Creators and Retailers Alike Rick Remender Shares Art from DC Comics Pitches That Might[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
(Down) Dubbed by people I've spoken to as the 'editor of choice' at DC, she's back to putting comic book band-aids together, Convergence-style, to keep the whole of DC publishing on track. Chris Ryall (Up) Ryall returned to IDW at the end of last year and has managed to create some new excitement at the publisher[...]
Greg Goldstein Out at IDW, Chris Ryall Returns
There's been a major shakeup at one of the top comic book publishers today as IDW President and Publisher Greg Goldstein will step down as former Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall returns to take on the triple role of Chief Creative Officer, President, and Publisher Ryall had previously left IDW back in March and in April joined Skybound[...]
skybound logo
Little more than a month after leaving his role as Editor-in-Chief at IDW amidst widespread industry turmoil, Chris Ryall has signed on with Skybound, according to a report from THR Ryall apparently doesn't have a title yet, but he'll work alongside current Skybound Editor-in-Chief Sean Mackiewicz on publishing, the report claims. Skybound founder and Walking Dead mogul[...]
Amidst Industry Turmoil, Chris Ryall and Steven Scott Leave IDW
More big changes to the status quo rocked the comic book industry to its foundations Wednesday as Heidi McDonald from ComicsBeat broke the story that Chris Ryall was stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of IDW McDonald obtained an email sent to IDW staff announcing the change internally, which read in part, "I plan to keep making contributions[...]
Rom, Spaceknight Co-Writer Chris Ryall On The Influence Of Bill Mantlo
I got a chance to talk with the man who spearheaded the return of Rom to comics, IDW's Editor-in-Chief and series co-writer Chris Ryall. DAN WICKLINE: Rom, Micronauts, Swords of the Swashbucklers, Cloak & Dagger, Rocket Raccoon, Invasion… Bill Mantlo was responsible for some of the most beloved characters and storylines in comics from 1975 through[...]
Decking The Halls With Comic Heroes
IDW's Chris Ryall was out and about when he came across two different houses with comic book themed holiday decorations The first one is literally a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man But the second one is my favorite as it cleverly plays out the old Jingle Bells variation involving an oderific Batman and an egg laying Robin. Thanks[...]
IDW Publishing: The Revolution and Beyond
This is, of course, the IDW panel with the whispers during the day being some big news on what to expect in the next 6 months. This was an opportunity for Sarah Gaydos (Group Editor) and Chris Ryall (Editor-In-Chief) to showcase the strength that IDW has moving forward The management team was joined by an array[...]
We're All Loners In Our Own Way – Talking Rom With Gage, Ryall And Messina
Sitting down with Christos Cage, Chris Ryall, and David Messina, the four of us talked about bringing Rom back to comics. OK: So for those living under a rock, what's Rom about? Christos Gage: Rom: The Space Knight is about an alien cyborg who comes to Earth to save us from the Dire Wraiths which are evil[...]
Arizona Inmates Denied Previews Catalog With Back To The Future
IDW's Editor in Chief Chris Ryall posted to his Facebook page that he has learned that a prison in Arizona blocked inmates from receiving the Previews catalog with the cover of Back to the Future.because of nudity. I couldn't imagine that IDW would put nudity on a cover of Back to the Future, and even if they[...]