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Ed Westwick's Ordeal By Innocence Role Recast; Scenes to Be Reshot
In addition, Mammoth Screen and Agatha Christie Limited will reshoot his scenes later this month; with Christian Cooke (Witches of East End) replacing Eastwick. Though Ordeal By Innocence had completed filming in September, the BBC pulled the three-part holiday special after two women came forward to allege that Westwick had raped them While he was strongly[...]
Charlie Hunnam Hates 50 Shades Of Grey Almost As Much As We Do
THR thinks it might be Jamie Dornan or Christian Cooke, but with Hunnam's exit I'm guessing their search just became a little bit harder. Charlie Hunnam's exit from 50 Shades of Grey is the best thing that ever happened to people who despise that book and movie and everything it stands for (in other words,[...]