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Anna Kopp & Gabrielle Kari's The Marble Queen OGN Sold To Dark Horse
The Marble Queen is described as "a sapphic YA graphic novel with sword fighting, political intrigue, and magic, where the princess needs a marriage alliance for the welfare of her people, but she unknowingly accepts a proposal from a mysterious kingdom, not from the prince but the recently coronated queen."  It will be published in[...]
Samantha Benc Sells Last Ship To Mars Graphic Novel Rights At Auction
Samantha's agent, Claire Draper at the Bent Agency, negotiated the sale at auction for world English rights. Last Ship to Mars is a speculative YA graphic novel pitched as Bloom meets Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Publisher's Weekly states that it is "Set on a deteriorating Earth, the story follows Mara, an aspiring scientist,[...]