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Flashing Swords #6 Gets Sheathed - The Daily LITG, 1st August 2020
Some copies have made it out into the wild, however. Conan Vs "The Feminization Of American Culture" in Flashing Swords #6 After worries that the book had actually been published in print, and ascribed copyright of all stories to Robert M Price, despite no one signing a contract, today, Cliff Biggers, comic book store owner and longtime[...]
Authors Ask That Their Work Be Removed From Flashing Swords #6
Price, Carter's literary executor, sought to revive the series with Lin Carter's Flashing Swords #6, to be published next month. Flashing Swords 6 cover Again with a number of fantasy tales of the old school from some familiar names – including Cliff Biggers, long-standing comic store owner as Dr No's and publisher of Comic Shop News[...]