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12 Things And Two Interjections, All About the Jupiter Ascending Trailer
It's something that's characterized the Wachowksis' more recent films too, from the 150% pedal to the metal commitment of Speed Racer to the labyrinthine plots of Cloud Atlas The Wachowskis like big, ambitious movies, they're exuberant and enthusiastic and whilst they don't nail every landing they do try every jump. Which brings us to Jupiter Ascending[...]
Win! Two Tickets To A Gala Screening Of Cloud Atlas In London
If you'd like to come to the Gala Screening of Cloud Atlas in London on Monday, February 18th, then read the following carefully And best of luck. To celebrate the release of Cloud Atlas in cinemas February 22nd, we are offering two lucky readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the films gala[...]
Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Cloud Atlas, Holy Motors and The State of Movies
NO SPOILERS. At a time when Hollywood is choosing superheroes and public domain properties for their blockbusters and critics are pondering what the future of Cinema might be, two movies come out at the same time embodying the state of the art. CLOUD ATLAS is the heavily-hyped multimillion-dollar adaptation of David Mitchell's upmarket Science Fiction[...]
A Very Big List Of Casting Updates
What we have here are a few days worth of casting updates. First off, comes the ridiculously exciting news that Hugo Weaving will be reuniting with the Wachowskis for their adaptation of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, which already boasts Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon and Halle Berry among its impressive-looking cast According to Weaving himself, who broke[...]