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Snake Eyes Joins Cobra In New IDW Miniseries
Joe: Snakes – Agent of COBRA Written by Mike Costa and drawn by Paolo Villanelli, the series starts off Snake Eyes busting Destro out of prison and leads to him going up against a team of Joes lead by Scarlett. "Snake Eyes has been gone from the pages of IDW's G.I JOE books for almost two[...]
Karen Traviss Joins G. I. Joe For New Series
Joe series for IDW as the team adjusts to a new world where Cobra has become the peacekeeping taskforce This new series will be based more in a gritty realism and tap into real-world dangers and politics. "When John [Barber] asked me to write the series, it was one of those spooky coincidences," said Traviss[...]
Wordburglar's Welcome To Cobra Island Gets Video Release For Rap Viper
Cobra propaganda. Because every evil snake-based organization needs some mad rhymes, right? Rap Viper is the lead single from his latest album Welcome To Cobra Island and is inspired by the characters and panache of Larry Hama's Marvel GI Joe comics. The video was produced by 3:AM Design . And the full album can be found here. [...]
Swipe File: COBRA And Taiwan's Special Forces
Chris Burnham makes the point well. Holy shit, did Cobra Commander take over Taiwan? — Chris Burnham NYCCX1 (@TheBurnham) October 28, 2013 This is Cobra… And this is Taiwan special forces in their new armour…       In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree[...]