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'The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs': James Franco Cast In Coen Bros. New TV Series

With production scheduled to begin at the end of the month, James Franco has reportedly signed on to the Coen Brothers' eagerly anticipated TV series The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Franco would be joining a cast that reportedly includes Stephen Root (Office Space), Ralph Ineson (Prey), Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Zoe Kazan (Olive […]

Joel Coen Discusses Inside Llewyn Davis – Plus Two New Images

Inside Llewyn Davis, the next Coen Bros. film, is to screen "for one night only" ahead of the Grammys. And then? Well, Joel Coen has told USA Today that the film may get a screening at Cannes. That should be more than enough to net the picture a US distributor. Coen said that the film […]

Jackpot – The Bleeding Cool Review

Blockbuster thriller author Jo Nesbø is behind a funny, violent and very messy crime yarn set on the Norway / Sweden border.Michael Moran takes a peek at the subtitles.

Coen Bros. New Film Is Not Just Full Of Music, It's Also A Biopic

As revealed by Noah Baumbach, of all people, the Coen Bros. are working on a film filled with music. According to new information, its also a biopic – strictly, their first. The subject of the film seems to be Dave Van Ronk, a folk singer about whom I know relatively little, and everything I do […]

Coen Bros. Spill Early Details Of Their Upcoming Film

Noah Baumbach, director of Greenberg and The Squid and the Whale, seems to know a thing or two about the next Coen Bros. film. Still, he doesn't know everything, so the brothers had a few facts to fill him in with… live, on stage, during a public conversation at the Lincoln Center's Film Society. Here's […]

Michael Hoffman To Direct Gambit From The Coen Bros. Script

Before Alvin Sargent was the fix-up guy on the scripts for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man series, and before he wrote the superb screenplays for Ordinary People and Paper Moon, he was one of the writers of Ronald Neame's giddy, joyful caper film, Gambit. One of that film's taglines has always stuck with me since I saw […]