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Nei Ruffino Shares Her Latest Covers – Pencils And Colors
Nei Ruffino has built her name as a colorist and is quite a high demand having worked from DC Comics to Zenescope and gotten to be a regular at coloring J Scott Campbell but over the last few years she been doing more and more cover work from her own pencils Now she's gotten work[...]
What A Good Colorist Can Do For Your Art
I just accepted a friend request on Facebook from colorist and fellow Zenescope collaborator Renato Guerra As I click the link I ended up on their blog where they shared the pages they colored for the back-up story for Tales From Oz #1 I wrote the main story so I had seen the pages they did, but[...]
Con Wars: Vs The Colourists
Congratulations, you've officially locked out a great percentage of talented, friendly, hard working creatives who would originally have had great interest in attending your convention. Your one sentence, "this is not a colorists thing", was surely the most pigheaded and dismissive thing I've been told since I began professional coloring This is a seriously small-minded view[...]