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Two days ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news about the ComicHub plans to save the direct market comic book industry Retailer Stu Colson had been working with his programming team to create a stopgap solution Currently, the big comics distributor is shut down, as are printers and many comic book stores ComicHub's plan was to[...]
Photo of Stu Colson by Sue Colson in Heroes For Sale
However, all this time, comic store software management company ComicHub, owned by comic store owner Stu Colsen, has been creating a new tool One that would allow comic bool customers of stores to pay and pre-order comic books from their store Read them now on the ComicHub app Then receive them later, in print Bleeding[...]
Photo of Stu Colson by Sue Colson in Heroes For Sale
Today that has all changed too, and it appears that the right people have been working on this for some time. Photo of Stu Colson by Sue Colson in Heroes For Sale comic shop Comic Shops Through ComicHub I have been speaking to Stu Colson, owner of comic store Heroes for Sale of New Zealand, and of ComicHub,[...]
CBLDF and ComicHub Help Comic Stores Move To Digital Order Distribution During Coronavirus
As more and more comic book stores are having to close their doors to passing traffic, the challenges of becoming an online/curbside/Uber comic store can be a big one to comic stores more used to the more traditional method of doing business. ComicHub one of a number of computerised comic book management schemes being pushed, that[...]
Industry Shocker: BOOM! to Sell Once & Future Comics to Readers
But in a shocking move Tuesday, explosive publisher BOOM! Studios announced a novel plan that could turn the entire industry on its head: what if we tried to sell comics to readers? Partnering with retailer point-of-sale system ComicHub, BOOM! will target actual readers in an attempt to convince them to buy copies of Kieron Gillen and[...]