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Comics Code Authority Returns for New Comic by Stern, Frenz, Buescema
But getting a complete story in a single comic is far from the only gimmick Binge Books will resort to sell this one; they're also bringing back the Comics Code Authority. The Heroes Union #1 From the press release: Binge Books are tailored for today's audiences used to "bingeing" their favorite content At 68 pages, The Heroes Union[...]
Comics and Complication: Spider-Man and the Public Health Crisis
The Comics Code Authority, or CCA, was formed in the early 1950s to allow comic publishers the ability to self regulate their content By adhering to this code, publishers were permitted to print their storylines with the official CCA seal on their cover Although this was primarily established to keep particularly violent and graphic content[...]
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32: Not Suitable for Children?
If ever there were a comic that needs the strict regulation of the New Comics Code Authority, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is it. Writer: Brandon Montclaire Artist: Natacha Bustos Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain Letterer: Travis Lanham Cover: Chris Robinson The comic begins with Moon Girl experiencing a nightmare about transforming into Devil Dinosaur due to her Inhuman genes, a violation of[...]
Zombie Tramp #48 Cover A Celor
Comics were better back in "the good old days." And what's the primary difference between then and now? No, it's not the rose-tinted lens of nostalgia! Who even asked you, anyway? What made comics so good was the rigid moral oversight of the noble Comics Code Authority Someone has to clean up this mess, so[...]
Yee's Company: The Political Connection Of Comics & Video Games
It is simply wrong that the video game industry can be allowed to put their profit margins over the rights of parents and the well-being of children". So, as someone who's fascinated with the history of our geeky mediums it reminded me of a similar political witch hunt.  The 1950's are often portrayed as an idyllic Norman[...]