Comics Code Authority Returns for New Comic by Stern, Frenz, Buscema

Legendary comic book creators Roger Stern, Ron Frenz, and Sal Buscema will produce a new comic from Binge Books, a comic publisher created by TV writer Darin Henry. Heroes Union, hitting stores this August, will be 68 pages and sell for $4.99, containing a complete story in a single one-shot. But getting a complete story in a single comic is far from the only gimmick Binge Books will resort to sell this one; they're also bringing back the Comics Code Authority.

Comics Code Authority Returns for New Comic by Stern, Frenz, Buescema
The Heroes Union #1

From the press release:

Binge Books are tailored for today's audiences used to "bingeing" their favorite content. At 68 pages, The Heroes Union #1 will be longer than the average comic, allowing for the complete, family-friendly adventure to be released all at once as a standalone story for $4.99.

In addition to their length, Binge Books have a number of other attributes that make them unique in the comic space. The Heroes Union #1 reunites Stern and Frenz, the creative team behind the iconic Spider-Man story, "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man," (The Amazing Spider-Man #248). By special arrangement with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, The Heroes Union #1 will be the first comic in over a decade to feature the official Comics Code Authority Seal and each copy will also be uniquely numbered for collectors. The publisher has hinted that some of these numbered variants may eventually entitle their owners to additional perks, but further details have not yet been revealed.

And if you're thinking, as we all are, "that's kinda weird," it doesn't stop there. Binge Books also claims that "with an action-packed, engrossing story featuring compelling new superheroes with names such as 'Startup,' 'Windfall,' 'Protégé' and more, The Heroes Union #1 will also offer adults a unique way to teach children about business." So in case you were looking for a comic to teach kids about business, here you go.

And if you're thinking that Binge Books sounds kinda familiar as well, that's because it appears to be a revamp of the publisher formerly known as Sitcomics, which aimed to apply Henry's television experience by producing comic books in the format of sitcoms. And perhaps most notably, Henry positioned Sitcomics as disrupting the Diamond monopoly by letting readers order its books directly from a catalog through comic shops to be picked up a week later. The Heroes Union #1, however, along with "and other soon-to-be-announced Binge Books releases," will be distributed through Diamond.

In the press release, Henry said:

Like millions of other kids, I grew up devouring comics by Roger Stern, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema, so to have some of the 20th Century's greatest creators introducing readers to the 21st Century's greatest heroes is a personal and professional dream come true. I was inspired to create Binge Books by European comic albums like TinTin and Asterix because I wanted to publish affordable graphic novellas for US readers to enjoy.

Check out the solicit below and look for The Heroes Union #1 in stores on August 4th.

The Heroes Union #1
Written by Roger Stern, Art by Ron Frenz (p), Sal Buscema (i), Chris Nye (i), Cover by Ron Frenz (p) & Brett Breeding (i)
Distributed by Diamond Comics | Order Code: JUN211347
On Sale 8/4/2021
68 Pages | All Ages | $4.99
Naucrate the Auteur Cosmic — half the universe celebrates her genius, the other half cowers before her world-shattering power. And the only ones who can stop her are Earth's foremost super-group… The Heroes Union! Legendary creators Roger Stern (The Avengers), Ron Frenz (Thor) and Sal Buscema (Captain America) unite to chronicle the adventures of a marvelous new generation of heroes in a cosmic epic bursting with so many breathtaking twists and thrills, it should probably come with seat belts! This 68-page, standalone story introduces all-new 21st Century Heroes in an exciting new, square-bound "Binge Book" format!

The Heroes Union #1
The Heroes Union #1

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