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The Cosplay Of Winter Comiket 97 in Tokyo
The closure of the Tokyo Big Sight complex this winter had led to a smaller Comiket than usual – but still making it the biggest comics culture event on the planet with half a million in attendance So many people can make some cosplay performances look rather distressing… コミケの闇をご覧くださいwwww@66TBattery @5atan19 #コミケ97 #コミケ97コスプレ #コミケの闇 #コミケ3日目 — 松岡奈々@コミケ31午後から屋上[...]
Comica Comiket Returns To London In A Week-And-A-Bit
Comica Comiket is returning to London after the show was cancelled last year. It promises a "Cavalcade of Celebrity Cartoonists drawing live throughout the afternoon in The Fabulous Drawing Parade." The Comica Comiket will take place beneath the giant Victorian glass-roofed shed that spans the gap between the brand new building for the House Of Illustration –  where[...]
The Secret World of Comiket – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh Adi Tantmedh writes, Here's a half-hour documentary on Comiket, or Comics Market, the twice-yearly Japanese comics convention that's the biggest in the world It was commissioned by NHK, Japan's equivalent of the BBC. This is the most comprehensive and serious look at a comic convention ever made, with the social contexts that fuel it without any whiff of[...]
Paul Gravett's Statement On The Postponement Of Comiket To 2015
We reported on the cancellation of London' Comica Comiket small press comics festivel a week ahead of its intended date over the weekend Comica organiser Paul Gravett sent the following to Bleeding Cool this morning. We are very sorry to say we have had to postpone the Comica Scarycat Comiket for 1 November 2014. This has never happened[...]
London's Comiket Cancelled For November, Will Reschedule In 2015
Only last evening we were being told that, Come and have fun at the Scarycat #comicacomiket on Saturday 1 Nov Please retweet! — Paul Gravett (@paul_gravett) October 24, 2014 But today it all changed. #comicacomiket on 1.11.2014 has been postponed until Spring 2015 Scarycat has wiped her face We are looking forward to the next already! —[...]
Comica Begins Today In London, From Here To Comiket
But here's a look at what's coming up. Comica Comiket also returns to London in November for a new marketplace display of small press comic books from the length and breadth of the UK and abroad. And it even has a video With a brand new spelling… [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Things To Do In London In August If You Like Comics
This talk will include discussion and images of comics depicting explicit sex, violence and other controversial themes. Saturday 16th, 11am-5pm Comica Comiket British Library, Entrance Hall, Part of the COMICA Festival Weekend. A Cavalcade of Crazy Cartoonists will razzle-dazzle us all by drawing live, projected onto big plasma screens in the Comica Drawing Parade, an all-day highlight of the free[...]
Goodbye Kitty At Comiket
[youtube][/youtube] Talking to Rus Hudda of Eat Sleep Sniff at Comiket yesterday, a comic creator who works with cat charities and has taken that concern of his and inspires his comic books. Reader, I bought them. Again, filmed with the Nokia Lumia 1020 on loan from Nokia Which I'm playing with, annoyed that it doesn't play well with[...]
A London Day Out At Comica's Comiket
With a 41 Mp camera. Well, I was going to have to take it to Comiket, the Comics small press fair in London, wasn't I? Video above, photos below, but for my swag shot I had a good day spending money Picking up the new issue of comics I loved, and discovering new – and old[...]
Saturday Runaround – Going To Comiket
COMIKET BOUND Talking the girls to Comiket today… Which will also host Six Characters, a one-day pop-up exhibition, conceived by Central Saint Martins PhD students Ahmed Jameel, Penelope Mendonça and John Miers. Each artist wrote descriptions of two characters, including this suitably Halloweeny Cthulhu above They were allowed to include information about the age and gender of the[...]
Bryan O'Malley's Bluenose Type-O
I received some excited e-mails last night about a surprise, never heard of, upcoming Bryan O'Malley comic called Bluenose Type-O, seen at Comiket in Japan this weekend. However, I'm told it is just one illustration, for a book of fake giant robot anime concept work And this is O'Malley's contribution. I received some excited e-mails last[...]