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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Concept Art Shows Off New Spider-Gadget

I'm sure you already figured, because you clicked on this page, but light spoilers are ahead!******Ryan Meinerding has drawn concept art for Marvel for a long time, and it's always awesome to look at With Spider-Man: Homecoming coming out this week, Meinerding shared a picture of concept art of the "web parachute" that appears in[...]

Early Concept Art For Black Panther Shows Off A Very Different Look

The version of the Black Panther suit we see in the trailer and in Captain America: Civil War was not the first version of the suit and now we have concept art for some of those early designs.Andy Park has released two pieces of concept art for the Black Panther suit and they are incredibly[...]

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'Wonder Woman' Concept Art, TV Spots, And An Awesome Trailer

Wonder Woman is mere days away which means it's time for things like concept art to come out Entertainment Weekly got their hands on some amazing images and spoke to production designer Aline Bonetto who explains the details behind these designs We also have two more TV spots and a trailer from IMDB that made[...]

Darksiders 3 Reveals Some Spiffy Concept Art

IGN revealed an 11-piece set of concept art from THQ Nordic's upcoming game Darksiders 3 in which you play one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Fury.I think what strikes me the most about this series of concepts is that, well, quite a lot of the monsters featured here are look like they're on model[...]

Early Concept Art Shows Off A Different Mantis For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

So they gave Mantis, played by actress Pom Klementieff, a lighter skin tone.But early concept art for the character from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: The Art of the Movie, posted by Comic Book News, show a more comic-accurate look to the character — check it out below.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is in[...]

Check Out This Awesome Concept Art For Destiny

Bungie released 59 concept images for Destiny on IGN to celebrate the 100th episode of IGN's Destiny podcast, Fireteam Chat. The image dump also included some never-before-seen artwork for the game, which is pretty awesome. You can check out some of those below: You can find the rest on IGN here, check out the podcast here, or […]

James Gunn Repackages Some Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Designs As A Group Shot

Cutting and pasting elements of previously seen concept art, here's a group shot of The Guardians of the Galaxy, courtesy of director James Gunn's Instagram.The sign off line in the Comic-Con trailer is brilliant, and has never been more appropriate Peter Serafinowicz is standing behind John C Reilly who appears to be processing the whole[...]

More Concept Art From Pixar's The Good Dinosaur And A New Image From Disney's Frozen

In the meantime, a new concept art image from Pixar's 2014 film The Good Dinosaur and another character shot from Disney's Thanksgiving-cum-Christmas release, Frozen. Sit tight for lots more from D23 - including Marvel and Lucasfilm news, and maybe something meaningful about the Avatar land being developed for Disney theme parks. Ahead of today's D23 Expo,[...]

First Look At Mr. Go, Korea's Baseball Playing CG Gorilla

I hope his film is up to snuff too.As this concept art reveals, there appears to be more than one baseball playing ape in this story.They're not saying where they found it but Twitch have published this image of Mr Go He's the title star of a new Korean sports comedy based upon a[...]

Pixar's 2014, 2015 And 2016 Films – First-Look Concept Art Revealed

Pixar have sent out a New Year's card to Coming Soon, who scanned it and posted the featured concept art online As well as a previously seen bit of Monsters University work, there's something from 2014, '15 and '16 too.Here are the two lead characters of The Good Dinosaur:Pixar head honcho John Lasseter described the[...]

Jurassic Park 4 Concept Art For The Scrapped Dino-Superior Version

As such, it's widely known as the Dinosaurs With Guns version.The project was apparently shut down after Universal saw the following concept art I guess that it is a bit of a hard sell, and the idea isn't pure Jurassic Park by any means, but having read the script, I was kind of into it[...]

First Look At Character Art For Disney's Frozen

There weren't even any leaks from the presentations.Lots of sites fell for some supposedly leaked concept art, which was a combination of fan-made stuff and work from a previous incarnation of the project, years and years ago We didn't run it here because.. well, we knew it was bunk.Here, though, you can get some idea[...]