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A scene from The Goonies (Image: WarnerMedia)
Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Joe Pantoliano, Jeff Cohen, and Jonathan Ke Huy Quan starred in the film. The Hollywood Reporter So we know that there's a lot of you out there who love The Goonies (more of a The Monster Squad fan here, personally) – but how many of you would watch[...]
the lost boys
Not waiting for the news' corpse to get too cold, a day after it was announced The CW had ordered the series pilot for The Lost Boys to be retooled with an entirely new cast (except for Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro, who had their options extended), original film star Corey Feldman is chiming in[...]
Corey Feldman Says He Was Stabbed in "Attempted Homicide"
Corey Feldman, troubled child actor who starred in such classics as The Goonies and Lost Boys, claims he was stabbed by an unknown assailant last night He posted a message on his Twitter, along with images showing him in a hospital bed and gown. Editorial credit: s_bukley / He tweeted: IM IN THE HOSPITAL! I WAS ATTACKED 2NITE! A MAN[...]
things to watch on tv jan 6, 2018
is A Tale of Two Coreys — a biopic produced by Corey Feldman and chronicling the impact that fame, fortune, and abuse had on him and the late Corey Haim They've cast actors to play both the teenaged Coreys and the adult Coreys. Starting at 9 p.m on ABC, the network is burning off the finale two[...]
Will Corey Feldman Work In A Comic Shop On Free Comic Book Day?
Do you remember when Corey Feldman worked in a comic book store? The actor is currently trying to raise $105,000 to complete an album he's been working on for 10 years And will do pretty much anything for the cash. — and he'll do pretty much whatever you want to get the money[...]