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Corto Maltese is More Than DC’s Despotic South America Country
Studiocanal, Canal+ & Frank Miller (Sin City, 300, The Dark Knight Returns) are teaming up for a live-action series adaptation of Hugo Pratt's "Corto Maltese" graphic novel series, with Miller set as series creator, writer, and executive producer First reported exclusively by Deadline Hollywood, Jemma Rodgers (The Railway Children Return) and Frank Miller Ink CEO[...]
Corto Maltese is More Than DC’s Despotic South America Country
Corto Maltese is the main setting of The Suicide Squad It is DC Comics' standard corrupt South American country for putting corrupt dictatorships in, the same way Markovia is DC's stand-n for Russia, all for telling Cold War-style political stories, the same way Marvel uses Madripoor as a stand-in for a corrupt Southeast Asian rogue[...]
The First Page Of The New Corto Maltese Comic Begins In English…
This is the first page of the new Corto Maltese comic book, the first to be published after creator Hugo Pratt's death, published in the French newspaper Le Figaro. Hugo Pratt was very influenced by English language writers, and an appreciation of that is maintained from the very first panel, it seems. Written by Juan Diaz Canales[...]
Cover To The Next Corto Maltese Graphic Novel Revealed, After 20 Years
  French newspaper Le Figaro has landed the cover of the new Corto Maltese graphic novel. The creator of Corto Maltese, Hugo Pratt, died twenty years ago And his marine action adventurer died with him. Until September. When his creation is being revived by Spanish creators Juan Díaz Canales and Ruben Pellejero. The first new graphic novel, Under The Midnight Sun will be released on[...]
"What Is With Your Family And Islands…" – Clip From Tonight's Arrow
Tonight's episode of Arrow has the team heading off to the lovely island of Corto Maltese to try and bring Thea (Willa Holland) home There is a lot more going on though as we also get introduced to Mark Shaw / Manhunter and Ted Grant / Wildcat. Here is a clip from tonight's episode that airs[...]
The Growing Bond Between Malcolm Merlyn And Thea Queen
We ended last season with the two of them heading off to parts unknown in a stretch limo… With the third episode Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) decides it's time for Thea to come home and heads to Corto Maltese to get here During a set visit while filming this episode, TVline got the following quotes from[...]
A New Corto Maltese, For October 2015
Corto Maltese was created by Hugo Pratt in 1967 A marine adventure, it starred a sea captain dealing with smugglers, pirates, war and conflict in the early twentieth century With bags of awards, critical acclaim and sales, the final story was finally published in 1989. Until now. Next year brings a new Corto Maltese Pratt died in[...]
Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese – A Pop Culture Hound Goes To Malta
Chris Thompson writes for Bleeding Cool; My love affair with Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese really took hold on my most recent trip to Italy Although beloved by the French, Pratt was an Italian who spent his formative years in Venice There are numerous locations from Corto Maltese spread throughout the city, along with guidebooks to help[...]
The Universe Addresses A Comic Store Owner Over Corto Maltese
Brisa Robinson from Rizzoli has replied to Big Planet Comics' open letter over the quality of the Corto Maltese publication The Ballad Of The Salt Sea It reads; Rizzoli and our Universe imprint have a history of republishing classic works that have long been out of print Occasionally these books need to be updated or reworked,[...]
Comic Store Owners Address The Universe Over Corto Maltese
Jared Smith, Peter Casazza, Greg Bennett and Joel Pollack of Big Planet Comics have written this letter to Universe/Rizzoli, the new publishers in English of the classic Corto Maltese volume by Hugo Pratt, The Ballad Of The Salt Sea And they are not happy. This is an open letter we are writing to express our extreme[...]
Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese Back In Print After Fifteen Years
The Corto Maltese series by Hugo Pratt were last in print in English in the USA in the nineteen eighties Telling the story of a complex sea adventurer, storytelling techniques and styles were an influence to many, including Frank Miller, Mike Mignola and Guy Davis, those volumes published by NBM have been much sought after,[...]