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DC Comics
In 2016, in DC Comics, Green Arrow writer Ben Percy revealed in Green Arrow Rebirth #1 that on the DC Earth, Lex Luthor owned the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Lexcoin cryptocurrency in Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Lexcoin cryptocurrency in Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Of course, that was well before everything went insane in regard to cryptocurrencies Hey, for the DC Universe, should[...]
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The latest trend in mobile that's slowly becoming extremely lucrative (at least for the companies publishing them) are mobile titles that involve players being able to earn blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as cashable NFT content, as people have been making their way to these games to see if they can score big on the[...]
Blockchain Gaming Platform BitGuild Portal is Now Open to All Players
After raising more than $20 million USD during its ICO and private sale, BitGuild has officially launched the BitGuild Portal, which is the blockchain game hub for BitGuild's cryptogames. The Portal allows users to register, secure their display names, chat with other players, and begin playing blockchain-based games.
Atari Film Producers Announce the Bushnell Token Cryptocurrency
In a staggering moment in "what the hell" territory, the producers behind the Atari movie have released a new cryptocurrency, named after Atari founder Nolan Bushnell You know, the guy who lost his GDC Pioneer Award this year because of renewed interest in his shady behavior during the heyday of Atari The backlash to the GDC's[...]
Blockchain Gaming Platform BitGuild has Partnered with TRON
The idea is that making each item unique and tradeable gives power back to the players, so they can properly own it and trade it as they wish, or even transfer it between games. You can read the full Whitepaper on BitGuild here. Today they've announced a partnership with cryptocurrency TRON, which is an open-source de-centrilized cryptocurrency,[...]