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Watch: ITV Just Aired This Whole Ad Break In Which The Ads Were Recreated In Lego

This has required Lego Lenny Henry, Lego Daniel Rigby and Lego Vinnie Jones.It's a creative bit of marketing for The Lego Movie as well as three straight-up promos for other, existing advertisers It's multiple layers of marketing, sure, but it's really not a bad idea.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSbYBzUEQlc[/youtube]Well, that's quite charming and amusing[...]

The Next Doctor Is A Man, Not A Woman. But Is He Ginger?

Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly tweets; I've just been told that Daniel Rigby is 100% in Edinburgh right now At this very second Take that as you will.— Brendon Connelly (@brendonconnelly) August 4, 2013 Oh dear But at least we got the gender right. Just photographed the next Dr Who for tonight's announcement Let me know what you think[...]

Peter Capaldi Is WHO DOCTOR

UPDATE: It's all true - click here for the full confirmation.The papers are full of it in Britain right now.The Independent: William Hills has 11/8 odds on Capaldi, making him the favourite to be handed the role, although Black Mirror actor Daniel Rigby has made a late entry into the top five seeing his odds slashed[...]

We're Hearing More Talk About Daniel Rigby Being The Next Doctor Who

We've raised the possibility of Daniel Rigby being the next Doctor before But now we're hearing more and more about this Actor-type people have been talking and gossiping among themselves and their talk has made it all the way to our ears.Rigby is great young actor A really truly brilliant actor, when given the right role[...]

Dead Channel: Reflecting On Black Mirror Series Two

It’s also something that follows on into The Waldo Moment, the final episode.Here, the lead is played by Daniel Rigby, best known in the UK for a crushingly stereotypical set of telephone and internet ads It’s a shame too, because he’s a fantastic actor, proved not only by this episode but his staggering turn as[...]