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Kasedo Games Will Release Recipe For Disaster This November
Developed by Dapper Penguin Studios, this game will have you spinning multiple plates at once, literally, as you'll have to manage the kitchen and the restaurant in this new simulator game where almost everything that can go wrong will go wrong The game is actually getting an Early Access release first which will happen on[...]
Recipe For Disaster Will Have You Managing Disastrous Chefs
Kasedo Games and Dapper Penguin Studios announced a new restaurant management title on the way with Recipe For Disaster The game will have you managing a restaurant and balancing the ever delicate relationship between the staff and the customers as you try to please one and bring out the best in the other But let's[...]
Kasedo Games Announces "Rise Of Industry: 2130"
Kasedo Games and Dapper Penguin Studios have released details for a new 2.0 update to Rise Of Industry taking you into the future with 2130 The update essentially has you rebuilding a new society in the future from the ruins and waste of the past left behind It's not dealing with any kind of catastrophe[...]