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Marvel Comics Cancels Living Vampire, Dark Marvel and Sneaker Variants
So Marvel has announced to retailers that orders for the following covers have been cancelled, the Living Vampire, Dark Marvel and Sneaker variant programmes. Living Vampire Variants: Amazing Spider-Man #48 Lopez Living Vampire Variants APR200990 Amazing Spider-Man #47 Garbett Living Vampire Var    APR200987 Avengers #35 Living Vampire Var    APR201020 Black Cat #13 Nakayama Living Vampire Var    APR200998 Black Widow #3 Lupacchino[...]
More Dark Marvel Variants Announced at ComicsPRO
Marvel Comics announced their Dark Marvel variants for May 2020 earlier in the week – but at ComicsPRO, they unveiled a few more. Ever wonder what your favorite Marvel Super Heroes would look like if they broke bad and took a turn for the dark side? That's exactly what the artists behind this May's Dark Marvel[...]