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Marvel Comics Cancels Living Vampire, Dark Marvel and Sneaker Variants

Marvel Comics has had a history of bumping up their sales with variant cover programmes, running themed variant covers across their line, in an attempt to increase interest and encourage collectability. Some, like the Venomized or the Deadpool covers have become major valuable collector editions in their own right. Most have not, but it all helps the bottom line. However, right now, with schedules up in the air, some books that are meant to have been coming out during such a programme are not. Or coming out in a different month. And the unified variant themes are no longer ask well, unified. So Marvel has announced to retailers that orders for the following covers have been cancelled, the Living Vampire, Dark Marvel and Sneaker variant programmes.

Living Vampire Variants:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #48 Lopez Living Vampire Variants APR200990
  • Amazing Spider-Man #47 Garbett Living Vampire Var    APR200987
  • Avengers #35 Living Vampire Var    APR201020
  • Black Cat #13 Nakayama Living Vampire Var    APR200998
  • Black Widow #3 Lupacchino Living Vampire Var    APR200953
  • Cable #4 Pham Living Vampire Var    APR200899
  • Champions #3 Pasche Living Vampire Var    APR200960
  • Conan The Barbarian #17 Guice Living Vampire Var    APR201044
  • Daredevil #22 Living Vampire Var    APR201035
  • Deadpool #8 Bradshaw Living Vampire Var    APR201041
  • Doctor Doom #9 Zircher Living Vampire Var    APR201017
  • Dr Strange #7 Andolfo Living Vampire Var    APR201013
  • Fantastic Four #23 Living Vampire Var Emp    APR200886
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 Morris Living Vampire Var    APR201007
  • Immortal Hulk #37 Daniel Living Vampire Var    APR201028
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #19 Johnson Living Vampire Var Out    APR200993
  • New Warriors #3 (Of 5) Living Vampire Var    APR200956
  • Power Pack #3 (Of 5) Momoko Living Vampire Var    APR200958
  • Spider-woman #4 Living Vampire Var    APR200984
  • Thor #7 Larraz Living Vampire Var    APR201011
  • Venom #27 Del Mundo Living Vampire Var    APR201002
  • Venom #28 Mckone Living Vampire Var    APR201005
  • Wolverine #5 Living Vampire Var    APR200904
  • X-Factor #3 Living Vampire Var    APR200896
  • X-Men #12 Mayhew Living Vampire Var Emp    APR200892

Sneaker Variants:

  • Shang-Chi #1 (Of 5) Johnson Sneaker Variants APR200844
  • Spider-Woman #4 Bartel Sneaker Var    APR200983
  • Venom #27 Shalvey Sneaker Var    APR201003

Dark Marvel Variants:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #46 Andolfo Dark Marvel Variants MAR200992
  • Amazing Spider-Man #45 Doaly Dark Marvel Var    MAR200989
  • Avengers #34 Panosian Dark Marvel Var    MAR201020
  • Black Cat #12 Bengal Dark Marvel Var    MAR201006
  • Black Widow #2 Vatine Dark Marvel Var    MAR200921
  • Cable #3 Camuncoli Dark Marvel Var    MAR200913
  • Captain America #22 Zircher Dark Marvel Var    MAR201026
  • Champions #2 Garron Dark Marvel Var    MAR200927
  • Daredevil #21 Shaw Dark Marvel Var    MAR201053
  • Deadpool #7 Daniel Dark Marvel Var    MAR201057
  • Doctor Doom #8 Brown Dark Marvel Var    MAR201039
  • Dr Strange #6 Johnson Dark Marvel Var    MAR201028
  • Fantastic Four #22 Inhyuk Lee Dark Marvel Var Emp    MAR200871
  • Ghost Rider #8 Shalvey Dark Marvel Var    MAR201015
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 Garner Dark Marvel Var    MAR201044
  • Immortal Hulk #35 Rahzzah Dark Marvel Var    MAR201022
  • Immortal Hulk #36 Dark Marvel Var    MAR201024
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #18 Garbett Dark Marvel Var Out    MAR200934
  • New Warriors #2 (Of 5) Mckone Dark Marvel Var    MAR200932
  • Power Pack #2 (Of 5) Gurihiru Dark Marvel Var    MAR200938
  • Spider-Woman #3 Anka Dark Marvel Var    MAR200986
  • Thor #6 Skan Dark Marvel Var    MAR201011
  • Venom #26 Sharp Dark Marvel Var    MAR201000
  • Wolverine #4 Dark Marvel Var    MAR200902
  • X-Factor #2 Nakayama Dark Marvel Var    MAR200895

Mind you, here is one they have added to their variants.

Retailers may order one Marauders #11 Days of Future Past variant by Javier Rodriguez for every 5 copies they purchase between the combined total of any other Marauders #11 cover, excluding ratio variants. Not that they'll let you see what it looks like yet…

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