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Roadkill: Hugh Laurie’s Star Power Carries David Hare’s Quaint Political Thriller
Roadkill is David Hare's latest work, a miniseries about a charismatic Tory politician played by Hugh Laurie who fights an escalating series of attacks on his professional and personal life MP Peter Lawrence has just successfully sued a newspaper for libel and is on top of the world However, forces are lining up against him[...]
Ralph Fiennes in "Beat the Devil" (Image: Bridge Theatre- screencap)
It's official: Ralph Fiennes will star in David Hare's one-man stage play Beat the Devil The play, which charts Hare's experience contracting COVID-19 and his recovery from it, is slated to premiere at the Bridge Theatre in London on August 27th and run till October 31st Nicholas Hytner is the director That's if the UK[...]
Hugh Laurie Plays Corrupt Politician in Upcoming BBC Drama Roadkill
Sir David Hare, the writer of the BBC and PBS' upcoming political thriller Roadkill starring Hugh Laurie, has written a one-man stage play, "Beat the Devil", about catching COVID-19 and recovering from it Talk about "writing what you know." Hare is certainly writing from personal experience He said he caught it from Roadkill director Michael[...]
Hugh Laurie Plays Corrupt Politician in Upcoming BBC Drama Roadkill
The 4-part miniseries is written by David Hare, one of the UK's top political playwrights and screenwriters The Forge, which produced National Treasure, is the production company behind it PBS Masterpiece is also a co-producer. Laurie plays Peter Laurence, a self-made, charismatic politician whose life and career are being picked apart by his enemies Laurence remains[...]
Collateral: Carey Mulligan Investigates Deadly Shooting in Series Trailer
Created and written by Oscar-nominated writer David Hare (The Hours, The Reader), the series is directed by Jessica Jones and The Defenders filmmaker S.J Clarkson and will touch upon issues like racism, inequality in the justice system and class warfare. Here's a look at the BBC Two trailer for Collateral; as well as an official overview of[...]