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Doctor Who: Our Ranking of the Best "Dooo-Wooo" Title Sequences
I realize that the clip is from 1963, but the black-and-white fuzzy visuals just don't engage me as a potential viewer, and remind me too much of The Twilight Zone. Runner Up: 'The Leisure Hive' and 'Castrovalva' (tied) can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Twelfth Doctor Has Arrived | Deep Breath | Doctor Who[...]
Erik's Weekly Watch – Erik Versus The Doctor (You Know Who)
This column then, is a response to the premier of Doctor Who, "Deep Breath", from that point of view Please, Doctor Who friends, put down your sonic screwdrivers and hear me out I do this not to mock or disrespect the Doctor and his delightfully Doctor adventures but to bring the sad, lonely voices of[...]
Twelve Thoughts About Doctor Who: Deep Breath
Deep breath And jump. 6 Look, He Never Managed It With Australia As The Doctor does his Chim Chimmeny Chim Chimmeny run across the rooftops of London, talking to the dinosaur, he promises to take her home Was I the only one who flashed onto Tegan, and the Doctor's inability to even get her back to Australia?[...]
Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Gets Specials And Theatrical Release Schedule
The Doctor Who Takeover Week marathon will kick off Monday, August 18, 8:00am ET. Starting August 6, will give fans a chance to vote for their favorite Doctor Who episodes – the top selections of this "Make Your Own Sunday" poll will run in a marathon on Sunday, August 24. Also, BBC AMERICA and Fathom Events[...]
BBC Asks Doctor Who Fans Not To Share Leaked Scripts
The scripts include the season premiere episode Deep Breath which is scheduled to air August 23rd. They have acknowledge the issue and said they are investigating: "a security issue around Doctor Who Series Eight where unfinished material has inadvertently been made public". They went on to say: "We deeply regret this and apologise to all the show's fans,[...]