Digger Harkness

Wait, Isn't That A Different DC Villain Returning To Arrow?

Tarabay)? I mean, it's the same coat that Digger Harkness used in his appearance in season 3 of Arrow And he was last seen in a cell on Lian Yu.. and the final episode of the season is called Lian Yu, which is where Deathstroke is.Producers said that Bennett wasn't going to be the only[...]

Behind The Scenes Of The Arrow Vs Captain Boomerang Fight

Nothing shows that Digger Harkness is lethal foe than having him wipe out most of Argus' security and go toe-to-toe with Arrow and Arsenal, only bugging out when the Flash arrives.The fight itself was fun to watch and really well filmed.. and now we can see the stunt coordination behind the battle.[youtube]http://youtu.be/M4K7Ald84nY[/youtube][...]

Captain Boomerang Cast To Appear On Arrow

Digger Harkness / Captain Boomerang is one of the most popular members of The Flash's Rogues Gallery.. and he's also one of the members of the Suicide Squad which is part of the Arrow series which is where he's going to make his debut.And the casting director on Arrow seems to love former Spartacus stars[...]