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Disney Cruise Line culinary adventures

Disney Cruise Line Introduces New 'The Chew'-Approved Culinary Port Adventures

Disney Cruise Line has unveiled an exciting new perk for guests -- culinary port adventures! According to the Disney Parks Blog: "These one-of-a-kind, culinary-themed Port Adventures are innovative and inspirational, just like the cooking and food trends the daytime talk show explores Our friends Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall and Michael Symon, hosts of “The Chew,” have[...]

Star Wars Day at Sea

Disney's Star Wars Day at Sea Adds Exciting New Experiences for Guests of All Ages

Disney Cruises look amazing. During Disney Park Blogs 12 Days of Disney, they're revealing exciting new information for parks and cruises alike. And in the spirit of the holidays (and the new Star Wars movie), Disney has unveiled some exciting new things for their upcoming Star Wars cruises! From the Disney Parks Blog: The Dark […]

Disney's Marvel Day at Sea

Images from Disney's Marvel Day at Sea's Stage Shows

This past October, Marvel's Day at Sea made its debut on select nights aboard the Disney Magic. The event was a hit with guests, and Disney will have more Marvel cruises in early 2018. One of the highlights of the cruise, was the "Doctor Strange: Journey into the Mystic Arts" stage show. During the show, […]

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Star Wars Day at Sea's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Offers Galactic New Looks

Disney's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is known for transforming young guests into the princesses of their dreams (or pirates, or princes). But the boutique is now expanding to include some heroes from a galaxy far, far away. During Disney's Star Wars Day at Sea, the BBB will be offering Star Wars transformations for their 2018 cruises! […]

Star-Lord Will Be Joining Disney's Marvel Day At Sea!

I'm over the moon that the Disney Cruise Line is including the Guardians, and frankly from the line up so far this cruise looks like a lot of fun If you've met the Guardians at the two American parks, you know how awesome they are in person.Are you heading out on Marvel's Day At Sea?[...]

Disney Teases At Some Marvel Day At Sea Fun

Over at the Disney Parks Blog, people have been going crazy about the upcoming Marvel Day at Sea from the Disney Cruise line I'm not going to lie, I'm also pretty excited for this I've never been on a cruise, but I love the water and I love Disney, so maybe one day I'll go[...]

Stan Lee Assembles Some Avengers And Others For Marvel Day At Sea Cruise

The world loves Stan Lee. The face of Marvel has made true believers out of millions of people, and those millions of people clamor for a glimpse of him at any con he attends. Oh, and his movie cameos are pretty cool. For Disney's upcoming Marvel Day At Sea Cruise, Stan filmed this awesome clip […]