Stan Lee Assembles Some Avengers And Others For Marvel Day At Sea Cruise

The world loves Stan Lee. The face of Marvel has made true believers out of millions of people, and those millions of people clamor for a glimpse of him at any con he attends. Oh, and his movie cameos are pretty cool. For Disney's upcoming Marvel Day At Sea Cruise, Stan filmed this awesome clip where he calls various Marvel heroes, telling them about the cruise. It's pretty funny, and there's a lot of awesome fan fare in it. Some heroes included are Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, and more. Chances are these are characters you can meet on the cruise (or in the parks), which is a great cross promotion for Disney. Seriously, Disney is great at taking my money.

The Disney Marvel Day at Sea will set sail this fall. For more information, head over to the Disney Marvel Day at Sea Cruse website!

Marvel Day at Sea Cruise

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