diversity in comics

YouTuber Neil McNeil Has Just Released His First Comic

By Joe Glass If you're like me and a regular viewer of YouTube, you have probably heard and seen Neil McNeil. I personally am I fairly newish viewer to YouTube, only really paying regular attention to the increasingly influential media outlet in the last year or so (maybe I'm that cusp generation that is coming […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet – Midnighter: The Hero We Need!

By Joe Glass This week has seen the release of the first DC comic headlined by a gay male lead, in the form of Midnighter by Steve Orlando, Aco and Romulo Fajardo Jr. Midnighter is of course an existing character, albeit one who's gone through some changes since the New 52 came around. In the […]

Gendercrunching September 2014 – How Futures End Contributed To Low Numbers

By Tim Hanley It was another poor showing in terms of the overall percentage of female creators for both DC and Marvel in September, with DC dropping even further to their lowest total since this stats project began and Marvel raising only slightly after their weak August numbers. We also take a look at DC's […]

Hero For A Day – The Lament Of A First Time Cosplayer At New York Comic Con

By Timothy Carson I've always had this dream that I'd someday be surrounded by a horde of adoring fans, clawing and pushing one another to simply bask in my presence. They'd hang on every word, laugh at all my jokes, and practically faint at the sight of my dashing, debonair smile. Then reality set in. […]