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Devil May Cry 5
The game brought the series back to its hypermasculine origins, though with a few shakeups to the traditional formula of "ridiculous things happen, Dante kills demons, there is gore." DMC 5 brings back Nero as one of the major playable characters, and yet again, you start off fighting as Nero before moving on to V and[...]
Devil May Cry 5
According to a recent interview with Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno, a port of DMC 5 to the Switch might be possible in the future It all depends on the success of Dragon's Dogma: the Dark Arisen on Nintendo's hybrid console. As reported by WWG: Game Director Hideaki Itsuno recently spoke with M! Games to talk about the future of[...]
Capcom Celebrates Positive Devil May Cry 5 Reviews
The message was shared by DMC 5 producer Matt Walker on Twitter last night. A message from Capcom USA CEO Urata-san: — Matt Walker (@retroOtoko) March 6, 2019 Urata's message is a simple "Capcom is back," referring to the company's recent success with launches of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Street Fighter V, Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2, and now DMC 5[...]
Old Man Dante Stars in Devil May Cry 5's TGS Trailer
This is our first look at Dante's gameplay in DMC 5 and it does not disappoint You've got all the usual hallmarks: red leather jacket, trash metal soundtrack, and far too many weapons to count. So, that's one thing confirmed: Dante is still the same old Dante. Even if he does look like your crazy drunk uncle now. Also,[...]