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ESL One Hamburg will Feature Six Days of Dota 2 Competition
ESL and Intel are combining to bring the ESL One Hamburg tournament to life, which will have sixteen Dota 2 teams compete across six days in the Barclaycard Arena from October 26-28 After last year's successful ESL One competition, this second year up the stakes with a longer competition including group stages and playoffs, with twice[...]
Valve Introduces Dota Plus to Replace the Battle Pass
Valve has just introduced a new subscription service to Dota 2 that they're calling Dota Plus, which is designed to be a better version of the Battle Pass and eventually replace it The reason being is that rather than having two types of Battle passes with their own rules and guidelines and tiers, the company[...]
Valve Releases Statement on DotaTV Streaming After ESL Controversy
DOTA 2 developer Valve has issued a statement regarding DotaTV streaming following this week's controversy surrounding the ESL One Genting 2018 tournament and the subsequent fallout The controversy surrounds the ESL's decision to send DMCA notices to popular streamers PPD, AdmiralBulldog, and BSJ who streamed the ESL One Genting games with their own commentary The streamers[...]
There's a 718% Pay Gap Between the Top Male and Female Esports Champions
Meanwhile, the top-earning male esports athlete, Kuro Takhasomi, known as "KuroKy", has raked in $3,480,833.95 playing DOTA 2 For the record, Scarlett comes in at number 346 of the top 500 eSports players, by earnings You can see her earnings breakdown by year below. credit// eSports Earnings You could try to argue that the top male esports athletes are[...]
Left 4 Dead Voice Actor Jim French Passes Away
French played the character William "Bill" Overbeck in the series, as well as Father Grigori in Half-Life 2, the Elder Titan in Dota 2, and many other credits to his name French was also involved in television and radio plays and had recently retired as the head of Imagination Theatre, where he had been involved with the company for[...]
'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Surpasses 'Dota 2' In Current Players
Dota 2, if you're not already aware, basically holds the top spot for about two-dozen gaming records in terms of sheer numbers So when someone pops by and threatens one of those records, that action is newsworthy by itself as people have been talking about PUBG's popularity Today, Dota 2 has lost a record as[...]
Jeremy Lin To Appear In Final Episode Of ELEAGUE Docuseries
ELEAGUE has announced that basketball player Jeremy Lin would be featured on the final episodes of their docuseries Road To The International Dota 2 Championships, which will air on TBS on August 25th at 10 p.m EDT Lin is being featured on the series because he is a major Dota 2 fan, which the episode will[...]
Elon Musk-Backed OpenAI Bot Crushes Top Human Players At Dota 2 Tournament
 This year's "The International Dota 2 Championships took place August 7-12 at Key Arena in Seattle, and one of the big events pitted Danylo "Dendi" Ishutin against an OpenAI bot  The OpenAI bot also defeated other top pros during the course of the event. Today we played Dendi on mainstage at The International, winning a best-of-three match[...]
Everything We Know About Valve's New Game, Artifact, So Far
Night Shyamalan. That said, we've finally got some details on the game for you, so here is everything we know about Artifact ao far: It is a DOTA-themed digital trading card game developed by Valve. Artifact aims to recreate a game of DOTA 2 in the form of a 1v1 card game from what little we know so[...]
New Esports Record Achieved During Dota 2's International Tournament
When you're planning tournaments and figuring out the odds and ends and then finally getting the matches on, no one's really thinking "I hope I break so-and-so's record at this." So it probably came as a surprise to planners for Dota 2's International Championship that they managed to score a world record simply by the design[...]
Dota 2's Co-Op Campaign Is Now Live
It's been a couple days bit it's worth noting that Dota 2 has finally opened up their co-op campaign, and released details of the campaign via the blog on Thursday. Valve had previously announced that it would be adding a fresh new co-op campaign to Dota 2's multiplayer online battle arena Right now you can play[...]
Like To Rage Quit? Dota 2 Threw A Tournament For It!
So instead of shy away from it, why not revel in it? Held during The Manila Masters, organizers threw a little competition called Battle Of The Rages, where Dota 2 fans would stage their own rage quit fits of fury in an attempt to win a prize, which was partially judged by one of the biggest rage[...]
The Ownership Of 'Dota 2' Is Going To Be Decided By Jury
Valve has been taken to court by two mobile developers, Lilith Games and uCool, who have made smaller MOBA Dota 2 clones for smartphones in China Naturally, Valve sued due to copyrights, to which uCool fought back and claimed Valve doesn't own the source material the game is based on, and their case should be thrown out. Which,[...]