The Biggest E-Sports Tournament Ever Starts Tomorrow

960x540The International this year has been insane. The prize pool for Dota 2's biggest tournament has rocketed to $17.8 million thanks in large part to crowd purchases for the free-to-play game. That makes this the most lucrative tournament in e-Sports history, coincidently beating The Internation last year where the pool was $10 million

The tournament will kick off tomorrow with teams LGD and Empire facing off at 8:00 p.m. CST. There are 16 teams involved and it will take place over six days.

I would say if you have never watched the game being played give it a go, but honestly, it's an incredibly fast moving game and is notoriously hard for the uninitiated to follow. But hey give it a shot. With prize pools like this, one day we will all be slaves to e-sports.