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"Dota 2" Issues An Open Call For A 2021 International Host City

"Dota 2" Issues An Open Call For A 2021 International Host City

Well, that's new! Rather than picking a city on their own, Valve Corporation has put out an open call for someone to host a Dota 2 event But not just any Dota 2 event, they're looking for someone to host The International 2021, their primary global championship esports tournament The company sent out this press[...]

"Dota Underlords" Will Officially Launch On February 25th

"Dota Underlords" Will Officially Launch On February 25th

Some cool news for Dota Underlords fans as the game finally has a release date. Valve Corporation will unleash the game on February 25th. The game has been in beta/Early Access mode on steam since mid-2019, but now the official release will put the full game up on both PC and mobile devices. We also […]

Secretlab Launches New Collaboration With Esports Team OG

Secretlab Launches New Collaboration With Esports Team OG

This morning, Secretlab announced a brand new collaboration for a gaming chair, this time with two-time Dota 2 The International champs OG As you can see below, the "Dream OG" chair comes with the team's official logo and branding, not to mention their team colors Plus, as an added bonus, the right shoulder has two[...]

"Dota 2" Will Be Getting New Matchmaking Improvements

Valve Sues A Singapore Organizer For Unpaid "Dota 2" Prizes

The last thing you want to do when hosting anything revolving around Dota 2 is to not compensate winners, because Valve gets even quickly A report from DotEsports has confirmed that Valve Corporation is suing the Global Electronic Sports Championship (GESC) for failure to pay out a tournament from 2018 The total combined winnings that[...]

"Dota 2" Will Be Getting New Matchmaking Improvements

"Dota 2" Will Be Getting New Matchmaking Improvements

For those of you who have been complaining about the matchmaking setup in Dota 2 these days, it appears a fix is on the way The company has been working for several months now trying to improve the system they're currently on, some slight changes here and there All coming in different waves so they[...]

The International 2020 For "Dota 2" Is Headed To Sweden

The International 2020 For "Dota 2" Is Headed To Sweden

The International 2019 may have ended this weekend, but Valve is already planning for 2020 as Dota 2 will be headed to Sweden next year During this year's event, the company made the announcement both in the area and online, along with the artwork and video you see here While a specific date wasn't given,[...]

Dota 2 Returns for World Showdown of Esports 6

Dota 2 Returns for World Showdown of Esports 6

Making its return to the World Showdown of Esports, Dota 2 will be the highlighted game of WOSE 6, taking place April 13th and 14th love on Twitch The show will take place live at the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, where several teams will face off in a specially[...]

Dota 2 Reset About 17K Accounts Over Cheating and Other Abuses

If you happen to be one of the people cheating on Dota 2, you might want to go check your account this week and see where you stand With the cheating recently being caught in the esports community, it looks like Valve decided to do a little spring cleaning in advance and took action against[...]

Dota 2 Chongqing Major in Hot Water After Threatening Specific Players

Dota 2 has always had its fair share of broad personalities with some leading to big controversies, from gambling and cheating all the way to anger and racism But the game seems to have reached a new level of controversy this week in China The Dota 2 Chongqing Major is currently getting intense scrutiny after[...]

BBC Three to Broadcast the ESL One Birmingham DOTA 2 Major

The BBC is partnering with the ESL to broadcast the semi-final and final matches from the UK’s first Dota 2 major The major will see a dozen world-class teams compete for a $1 million USD prize pool The tournament will coincide with a networking event for esports industry members.BBC Three will stream the semi-finals at[...]

Dota 2's Subreddit Used Memes to Get Valve to Release the Compendium

Dota 2 fans had been waiting for information on this year's International Compendium for so long they decided to take matters into their own hands The Dota 2 subreddit started a penguin kidnapping meme as a way to put pressure on the notoriously closemouthed company, and the surprising thing is -- it worked.The International is the[...]

ESI Birmingham Networking Event toTake Place During the Dota 2 Major

The ESL Uk and Esports Inside have partnered up to bring us the ESI Birmingham, which will be an esports business symposium taking place the day before the ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 Major quarter-finals begin So anyone interested in networking in the esports industry will be able to attend the conference on May 24,[...]

ESL One Hamburg will Feature Six Days of Dota 2 Competition

ESL and Intel are combining to bring the ESL One Hamburg tournament to life, which will have sixteen Dota 2 teams compete across six days in the Barclaycard Arena from October 26-28 After last year's successful ESL One competition, this second year up the stakes with a longer competition including group stages and playoffs, with twice[...]

Valve Introduces Dota Plus to Replace the Battle Pass

Valve has just introduced a new subscription service to Dota 2 that they're calling Dota Plus, which is designed to be a better version of the Battle Pass and eventually replace it The reason being is that rather than having two types of Battle passes with their own rules and guidelines and tiers, the company[...]

Valve Releases Statement on DotaTV Streaming After ESL Controversy

DOTA 2 developer Valve has issued a statement regarding DotaTV streaming following this week's controversy surrounding the ESL One Genting 2018 tournament and the subsequent fallout The controversy surrounds the ESL's decision to send DMCA notices to popular streamers PPD, AdmiralBulldog, and BSJ who streamed the ESL One Genting games with their own commentary The streamers[...]

There's a 718% Pay Gap Between the Top Male and Female Esports Champions

Meanwhile, the top-earning male esports athlete, Kuro Takhasomi, known as "KuroKy", has raked in $3,480,833.95 playing DOTA 2 For the record, Scarlett comes in at number 346 of the top 500 eSports players, by earnings You can see her earnings breakdown by year below.[caption id="attachment_778342" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// eSports Earnings[/caption]You could try to argue that the top[...]

Valve Bows Out of DOTA Tournament Because of Drug Testing Requirement

Galaxy Battles was going to be a part of Valve's new approach to tournaments leading up to The International this year, but the tourney has just lost its official Valve backing thanks to a mandatory drug test. The tournament is scheduled to run from January 15th to the 21st in Ciudad de Victoria, Philippines. "Based […]

Left 4 Dead Voice Actor Jim French Passes Away

French played the character William “Bill” Overbeck in the series, as well as Father Grigori in Half-Life 2, the Elder Titan in Dota 2, and many other credits to his name French was also involved in television and radio plays and had recently retired as the head of Imagination Theatre, where he had been involved with the company for[...]

'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Surpasses 'Dota 2' In Current Players

Dota 2, if you're not already aware, basically holds the top spot for about two-dozen gaming records in terms of sheer numbers So when someone pops by and threatens one of those records, that action is newsworthy by itself as people have been talking about PUBG's popularity Today, Dota 2 has lost a record as[...]

Jeremy Lin To Appear In Final Episode Of ELEAGUE Docuseries

ELEAGUE has announced that basketball player Jeremy Lin would be featured on the final episodes of their docuseries Road To The International Dota 2 Championships, which will air on TBS on August 25th at 10 p.m EDT Lin is being featured on the series because he is a major Dota 2 fan, which the episode will[...]