Dustin Ingram

Watchmen: Lube Man Unmasked Spoiler: Its Not Alan Moore

Watchmen: Lube Man Unmasked! Spoiler: It's Not Alan Moore

After making his confusingly ominous presence known for a few minutes, the truth was revealed: Lube Man was none other than Dustin Ingram aka FBI Agent Dale Petey, assistant to former Silk Spectre II turned FBI agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) As cool as that was to see (and definitely worth checking out) if you were[...]

Watchmen: Dustin Ingrams FBI Agent Petey Has Vast Knowledge of the Vigilantes

'Watchmen': Dustin Ingram's FBI Agent Petey Has "Vast Knowledge of the Vigilantes"

Good Trouble's Dustin Ingram was originally cast in the cable series in January 2019, but with no information regarding his character disclosed.[caption id="attachment_976772" align="alignnone" width="1600"] CMT/HBO[/caption]Thankfully for us, Ingram is very popular: the actor was recently signed for a recurring role in Amazon's Utopia remake from Gone Girl author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn[...]

Utopia: Felisha Terrell Dustin Ingram Join Amazons Gillian Flynn Conspiracy-Thriller Series

'Utopia': Felisha Terrell, Dustin Ingram Join Amazon's Gillian Flynn Conspiracy-Thriller Series

Felisha Terrell (Shooter) and Watchmen's Dustin Ingram are set to recur in Gone Girl author-screenwriter Gillian Flynn‘s upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of British series Utopia, joining a cast that includes John Cusack (High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Sasha Lane (American Honey), Javon “Wanna” Walton (Euphoria), and Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day 2U)[...]

Watchmen: Good Troubles Dustin Ingram Joins HBOs Remix Adaptation

Watchmen: Good Trouble's Dustin Ingram Joins HBO's "Remix" Adaptation

As production on Damon Lindelof‘s authorized “remix” of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic 1986 comic book series Watchmen for HBO rolls along, so do the casting announcements - with Good Trouble's Dustin Ingram officially joining the project.[caption id="attachment_976772" align="alignnone" width="1600"] Credit: (left) CMT / (right) HBO[/caption]Set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, the series is said to embrace the[...]