Ellen's Energy Adventure

Lauren Looks Back: Ellens Energy Adventure At Epcot

Lauren Looks Back: Ellen's Energy Adventure At Epcot

Ellen's Energy Adventure was not my favorite ride in the parks The 45-minute ride doubled as nap time for me whenever I would ride it, and I would ride it often Since I've only been going to Disney for three years, I did not get to ride the original 1982 version (though I'm certain it[...]

Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney Worlds Epcot This Fall

Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney World's Epcot This Fall

Epcot — the park with the giant golf ball — is slated to get a makeover starting this fall. Rumor has it the overhaul will take five years to complete, which will coincide with the parks 40th anniversary in 2022. By 2021, however, a new E-Ticket (meaning a top-tier ride) ride will be ready for […]