Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney World's Epcot This Fall

Epcot — the park with the giant golf ball — is slated to get a makeover starting this fall.


Rumor has it the overhaul will take five years to complete, which will coincide with the parks 40th anniversary in 2022. By 2021, however, a new E-Ticket (meaning a top-tier ride) ride will be ready for Disney World's 50th anniversary. Possible remodels may include:

A new entranceway. Epcot's entrance hasn't changed since it opened in 1982. The giant "tombstones" that lead to Spaceship Earth (the golf ball) may be removed. Speaking of SE, Siemens will likely be renewing their sponsorship on the ride, so hopefully the Project Tomorrow aspect of the ride will be updated.

Innovations Plaza is in dire need of an update. Rumor has it that a new restaurant will open, Mouse Gears (the large Disney Store in the park) will be remodeled, possible demolitions of unused buildings in Innovations East and West will take place, and remodeling of already existing rides is likely. Mission: Space may get a much-needed update, and Journey Into Imagination may be sharing the spotlight with the characters from Inside Out. Personally I could do without that, but I understand the reasoning behind it.

For World Showcase, there may be a new pavilion joining in on the fun. Disney has talked to many countries over the years, including Brazil, Spain, and Puerto Rico. Spain may be the winner, but we'll see.

The Grand Fiesta tour (with the Three Caballeros) will be overhauled with characters from the new Pixar movie Coco, which I for one am excited about. There are rumors about redoing the France pavilion, as well, by adding Remy — the star of the film Ratatouille — to be more predominate in the area. He is all over Disneyland Paris, so maybe we'll see a new character meet-and-greet or even a ride, which would be a welcome addition to the park.

Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney World's Epcot This Fall

The most talked-about rumor — and likely a true one — is Ellen's Universe of Energy being replaced by either a Guardians of the Galaxy or Tron ride, or both. UOG is severely outdated and pretty long. I've taken great naps on the ride plenty of times, though. Imagine watching a circa-1994 Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy talk about how energy is made for 25 minutes…and that's the ride. Epcot is in dire need of something new and flashy that isn't related to Frozen, and I think there's a lot of potential with both Guardians and Tron.

Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney World's Epcot This Fall

Other rumors are swirling around about Epcot, as well, but until D23 happens in a matter of a few short weeks and we get some concrete plans, I won't be holding my breath on anything.

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