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Garth Ennis And Rob Steen's ERF Goes To Mass Market With Dynamite
Garth Ennis and Rob Steen (Flanimals) kickstarted the kids book ERF last year, where it was sold directly to donors. Now the publisher of Ennis' comic The Boys, Dynamite, is going to publish the book for comic stores and the general book market. Here's the bumf; Set at the dawn of time, ERF introduces its titular character[...]
Garth Ennis Writes Children's Book With Flanimals Co-Creator, On Kickstarter
A children's book. Erf is illustrated by Rob Sheen, who co-created Flanimals with Ricky Gervais And it's being funded by Kickstarter Here is how they escribe the book; ERF is the story of four friends at the dawn of time; Figwillop, KWAAAH!, the Booper, and Erf himself, and their adventures in the primordial world of long ago[...]