X-Mas Comes Early as Cyclops Returns! [X-ual Healing 12-19-18]

No intro this week, folks. Marvel decided they needed to publish seven X-Men comics the week before Christmas and this thing is already pushing 3,000 words, so let's get right to the recaps. Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The Uncanny X-Men suffered great […]

The Fate of Cyclops Revealed in Next Week's Extermination Finale

Extermination #4 left us on quite a cliffhanger, made all the worse by the fact that the finale was delayed. But that issue finally hits stores next week, and Marvel has decided to reward long-suffering X-fans for their patience by resolving that cliffhanger right in the preview for next week's issue. As you may recall […]

Ahab Still Exterminating Mutants in February's X-Force #3

The last issue of Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz's Extermination may have gotten pushed back to December, but it looks like the mutant-hunting Ahab's mission of Exterminating X-Men will continue after that. In the just-revealed solicit for February's X-Force #3 by Brisson and Dylan Burnett, it seems that Ahab has returned again, and this time […]

How Dare You, Ed Brisson? [X-ual Healing 10-31-18]

The penultimate issue of Extermination came out this week, which means bloodthirsty writer Ed Brisson is running out of time to devastate X-Men fans by killing off their favorite characters. We've already seen Brisson implicated in a plot to kill off Honey Badger with the other Uncanny X-Men writers. He succeeded in killing off Bloodstorm and […]

Read This Extermination #4 Preview Before It Gets Delayed Again

Ah, Extermination. An X-Men event designed to set things right with the original 5 time-displaced teenage X-Men and set things up for the upcoming relaunch of Uncanny X-Men and the next era of X-books. But like seemingly every big event at Marvel, Extermination has suffered from the usual fate: having its final issue delayed until […]

Cyclops Was Right and Cullen Bunn is a Hero Who Knows It [X-ual Healing 9-26-18]

There's not many things in the comics industry from the past decade that bother us more than what Marvel has done to our beloved Cyclops. First, disrespected by that no-good Wolverine in the X-Men Schism, lectured for putting children in danger to save mutantkind despite Wolverine's own predilection for literally murdering his own children, not […]

Ban These Books: 5 Comics We Should Ban for #BannedBooksWeek [SPOILERS]

Banned Books Week is coming up later this month, a celebration of freedom of speech and the right to artistic expression. But what if banning books is sometimes the right thing to do? While we here at Bleeding Cool support the message of Banned Books Week in general, we've given it some thought and come […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 29th, 2018: X-Men Soars, Nightwing Trips

We've come to the end of another week. The Hunt for Wolverine reached its Dead Ends, Rick and Morty fought D&D, and Nightwing, Daredevil, Batgirl, and Red Hood and the Outlaws all had annuals. What were the best and worst of the week? I dunno, I haven't decided yet. Read it below to find out. Wins 1. X-Men: Blue #34 The House always […]

Extermination #2 cover by Mark Brooks

Extermination #2 Review: Waiting for the Plot to Show Up

We see young Cable take another prisoner at a grocery store, and Jean Grey tries to comfort Cyclops about the deaths of Bloodstorm and Cable. The X-Men convene on what to do about Ahab's return and the missing young Iceman. Kitty thinks it's best to split the remaining young original X-Men up to make it […]

A Longtime X-Men Frenemy Returns in Extermination #2 Preview [Spoilers]

A longtime frenemy of the X-Men is set to make a return in Extermination #2, and it doesn't bode well for the surviving X-Men. Revealed in an exclusive preview of next week's issue on CBR, Mimic makes his return in the issue, apparently joining the team of young Cable, though not exactly by choice. Mimic […]

Extermination #1 Second Printing Runs Final Page Spoiler on the Cover

We ran a bunch of second printings from Marvel Comics coming the other day, though we only had the cover for X-23 #2 second print. Well, a bunch more covers have been released now. For Thor #3 second printing (with a spoiler for the end of issue 1)… A recoloured first print cover Tony Stark: Iron […]

Extermination #1 cover by Mark Brooks

Extermination #1 Advance Review: A Pretty Generic Setup

A mysterious figure arrives at the Xavier Institute in the future to find it in ruins and the X-Men all dead. In the present, the X-Men Blue team saves a pair of young French mutants from a hate mob in Chicago. They bring the mutants back to the Xavier Institute for care. Later, Cyclops and […]

Ed Brisson on Extermination: "Back Issues Matter"

Ed Brisson, writer of the upcoming Extermination X-over event, gave an interview to marvel media partner Comic Book Resources Friday, and he had a bold promise for longtime X-Men fans: The mantra going into this series was, "Your Back Issues Matter." Every. Single. X-Men. Story. Counts. If it happened in an issue you've read, it […]

The X-Men Fast-Forward 20 Years as Extermination Backups Hit the X-Titles

The X-Men Fast-Forward 20 Years as Extermination Backups Hit the X-Titles

Last week, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston correctly reported that X-Men Gold would launch an Extermination backup strip in last week's X-Men Gold #27. And indeed, that's exactly what happened, showing the X-Men in the future, facing off against all odds for the survival of the mutant race (just like every time they go to […]