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McKenzie Westmore Pens Personal Posts, Urging Fans Help to Renew Face Off

SYFY renewed competition series Face Off for a 13th season back in January, but it seems like an uncertain future after that.  The 13th season is set to air on June 5th on the cable channel, along with returning host McKenzie Westmore, who has been with the series since day one. Her family ties to the world […]

Clip: Snow White Stewart And Evil Charlize Theron Face Off

I can't see this MTV clip where I am, so I've just had to imagine what it's like. And I'm imaging this particular face off was just like the one John Travolta and Nicolas Cage had. Which is to say, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron have swapped faces and are leaping through the air in […]

New Poster For Men In Black 3 Spells "Kudgk"

Reading from left to right, this Men in Black 3 poster features 1960s Agent K, time-hopping agent J and then the Agent K from the here and now. I hope we get to see a lot more of Josh Brolin in the marketing materials from here on out. I've always enjoyed the "one actor mimicking […]