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Were there toxic fandoms in the early years of television like we see today? Survey says, "no." Why is that? Have we evolved into a higher being of media consumer? No – we have devolved into fans with ridiculous expectations and instantanious means of sharing our opinions. ID: 172881563 Yes, the internet plays into this Fans have[...]
What Happens when Fans Destroy The Thing They Love
Over the years gatekeeping became a sport and the harassment spread to other fans, film production studios and publishers For almost 10 years these instigators were simply labeled trolls, and everyone attempted to ignore them It was easy to dismiss them because their primary grievance appeared to be that they demanded their escapism remain homogenous[...]
What Marvel's Black Panther Comic Means To A Bunch Of African Fans
A future with a brand new Black Panther series and movie is always an exciting place to look forward to being. A good number of my friends are major comicbook fans and some of them – all fine professionals in their various chosen fields of endeavour – share what the character means to them Below, are[...]
Gambit/Rogue Fans Looking Forward To Uncanny Avengers Tomorrow? Be Warned (SPOILERS)
There are a lot of fans of the Gambit/Rogue relationship from X-Men Some from the comics, some from the animation It is a really big thing. Yes like that. View this post on Instagram. And, yes, like that. Well quite a few of you have been looking forward to tomorrow's Uncanny Avengers #7[...]