Toxic Television Fans: You're Why We Can't Have Nice Things [BC TV MELTDOWN]

TV is great.

Hell, I watched far too much of it as a child… and teenager… and adult…and… well… you get the picture.

The point being is that there's a lot to love about it – but it also comes with a dark side.

Am I talking about bad endings? Lazy, rushed stories? Bad acting?

No, friends – I'm talking about the people who let their love of TV morph into something darker…

I'm talking about the fandoms. Were there toxic fandoms in the early years of television like we see today? Survey says, "no." Why is that? Have we evolved into a higher being of media consumer? No – we have devolved into fans with ridiculous expectations and instantanious means of sharing our opinions.

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Yes, the internet plays into this. Fans have come to expect that shows will go exactly how they want them to, and get incredibly upset when they don't. True, some shows do take ridiculous directions or end really poorly – but to go so far to take it out on the actors and creators of the show? Well, that's just being a bad fan – like what happened to the team from HBO's Game of Thrones when they attended this year's San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC).

I mean, seriously. It's like if a friend's grandma baked you a pie and you had a few pieces and decided it was great, so then you ate it all, got sick of it, and screamed at her for making something so awful.

Yes, you are the ungrateful pie-gluttons, toxic TV fans [Great name for a punk band – free of charge].

Seriously though – you are slowly pillow-smothering the thing you once loved out of misplaced ownership; yes, the show owes their fanbases a lot – but you are not in charge of the cast and crew's vision for the show. Let them create and if you love it, love it! If not, learn to accept it for what and how it is or kindly move on and hold no ill-will towards the people who do love it and create it.

Just be excellent to each other,television fans.

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