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Time to Get on the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Hype Train
Like most Final Fantasy games, FFVII was a turn-based RPG The remake, however, is a little bit different You still have some of the tactical capabilities of a turn-based battle, but you've also got to work in real time Well, mostly. You've got the ability to slow time using the game's tactical mode, which allows you to launch[...]
The Final Fantasy VII Symphony is Coming to LA for E3
As is typical with video game orchestra performances, there will be a video sequence of game highlight moments to go along with the music. The FFVII performance is called a "reunion" as it brings together the original game with all of its various spinoffs So there will be content from Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core[...]
The Final Fantasy VII Revival Disk Brings Back the Iconic Soundtrack in July
The FFVII Original Soundtrack is the next release in the series, which is working in numerical order Previous releases packaged together Final Fantasy games I, II, and III as well as Final Fantasy IV and V Final Fantasy VI got its own separate disc, as is FFVII. As the original listing is in Japanese, we're getting this news translated for you by[...]
Final Fantasy 7 Remake VII city pose
And we haven't seen much of Final Fantasy VII Remake since the initial reveal back at E3 2015. Now, I'm firmly of the opinion that the FFVII Remake is still heavy in development, which is why the game has been pretty darn quiet for the last few years However, there were a ton of rumors that the game would[...]
Final Fantasy VII Remake
And just the other day we learned that Mobius Final Fantasy's projectleader Naoki Hamaguchi has moved onto the FFVII remake team Hamaguchi has been serving as the development leader for the FFVII remake for some time now, but has fully left his duties at Mobius to focus on the highly anticipated remake. Now, you might recall that the job listing[...]