Fire & Blood

"Gonna Give it to You" George R. R. Martin Says About 'Winds of Winter'

Martin, photo courtesy of Martin's website[/caption]Fans don't begrudge him the loss of a spark of inspiration really, but, he keeps assuring readers the book is coming.Most recently, on his Not A Blog, Martin spoke about the visit back east he just took (Martin himself resides in Arizona) on his "Fire & Blood" book tour, as[...]

Targaryens are Like Ancient Egyptians, Says George R. R. Martin

We've been telling you about his newly-released history tome, "Fire & Blood", all about the history of one of the most notorious families in Westeros- The Targaryens.In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly about the still-not-"Winds of Winter"-novel (which is available now[easyazon_link identifier="152479628X" locale="US" tag="bleedingcoo07-20"]Fire & Blood: 300 Years Before A Game of Thrones (A[...]

Fire & Blood: An Excerpt From George R. R. Martin's Targaryen History Tome

Martin's Targaryen history book, "Fire & Blood", as published by Entertainment Weekly The novel covers the first 150 years of House Targaryen’s rule of Westeros, long before the events in Game of Thrones.]A murder of ravens took flight from the twisted towers of Harrenhal.On the Red Fork, Lord Jason Lannister found himself facing the Lord of Pinkmaiden,[...]

George R. R. Martin WILL Be Publishing in 2018- But Not The Thing We Want

Martin WILL be publishing a new tome in 2018, despite reports to the contrary.  True, it's not the Song of Ice And Fire installment fans were hoping for, it *is* a story set in Westeros.Announced today on Martin's not-a-blog blog (which he actually said he was going to STOP using earlier this year, but obviously that isn't[...]