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Dungeons & Dragons is getting live-action series pitch. (Image: Hasbro)
And to do that, he's looking to Star Wars and First Blood for inspiration "In the first 'Star Wars,' you heard about Jabba the Hutt and you don't see him until the third one because you earn at that point, and whatever the budget was for the third one compared to the first one, who[...]
Brian Dennehy has passed away, age 81. Image courtesy Paramount.
Image courtesy Sam Aronov and One year later, Dennehy would land the role of Sheriff Teasle in Sylvester Stallone's First Blood The first (and what many consider to be the best by a mile) of the "Rambo" franchise, Dennehy found a way to convey complexity and well-roundedness to Teasle, transcending the character beyond that of[...]
Preview Jennifer Blood: First Blood Volume One – The Full First Chapter
The fine friendly folks over at Dynamite Entertainment wanted to share with you the full first chapter of the new Jennifer Blood: First Blood trade they have coming out It has a nice Mike Mayhew (The Star Wars) cover with interior art by Igor Vitorino and is written by Mike Carroll If you like what[...]