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Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Batgirl Annual To Rai And Southern Bastards
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Where's Wally West? Not So Fast, Flash Annual #3…
So here's that cover to Flash Annual #3 You know the one that reintroduces Wally West. People aren't that happy On Newsarama they say, So Wally is Electro-Supes now? What year is it in the DCnU? On CBR they say, Wally West's return to be ruined by Brett Booth? Not to mention Vendetti? Oh DC, you guys sure know how[...]
Eighteen Thoughts About Eighteen Comics – Tom Strong, Batman Inc, Animal Man Annual, Batman Annual, Uber, Collider, Detective Comics Annual, Morning Glories, Bedlan, Sex, X-Men, Superman Annual, Captain Marvel, What If AVX, Absolution, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Flash Annual
I fear for his sanity. And the very nature of the secret identity crumbled away in Flash Annual Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain! Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Currently running the Cats & Cartoonists exhibition, to be followed by Dead Cats, an exhibition of Christian Ward's work Uber and Absolution are[...]