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The Lost Boys (Image: WarnerMedia)
But to honor filmmaker Joel Schumacher, who passed away last month, VSF returned for "one night only" with five favorite Schumacher films (and leaving nothing to debate about what their top pick is)- and we're including the trailers to make things a little easier: The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Falling Down, Tigerland, and Phone Booth: A look[...]
Joel Schumacher at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Number 23". The Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, CA. 02-13-07. Editorial credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
Elmo's Fire, Flatliners, The Lost Boys, Falling Down, The Client, A Time To Kill, 8MM, and of course, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin Schumacher took some lumps for the latter film, but had a pretty jovial attitude about it over the years, as evidenced by a chat he had with Vice in 2017. Joel Schumacher[...]
jacob's ladder
To cap off our Flatliners retrospective, we take a look at a related film: the 1990 psychological horror film Jacob's Ladder, in which Tim Robbins plays a Vietnam vet dealing with the trauma of his wartime experiences and increasingly unnerving visions of demons in New York City. Special guests Destiny 2 writer Adam Foshko and prolific novelist David Bowles join. Listen here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/castleofhorror/Jacobs_Ladder_rev.mp3 Listen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfFHPH-pEoVideo[...]
flatliners review
I'm sure some suit will come along and notice that Trolls and Trolls 2 hasn't been dug out for a redo yet, and we'll get that franchise back whether we like it or not. So here we are, with Flatliners, a remake of a 1990s film about a group of medical students who decide that a[...]
Marlo (Nina Dobrev) in Columbia Pictuers' FLATLINERS.
It turns out that isn't the case on the set of Flatliners where actress Nina Dobrev got lit on fire for a scene In Entertainment Weekly she detailed what it was like have someone set you on fire. "Well, first of all, your wardrobe gets fireproofed, which is a certain chemical that can't really burn[...]
'Flatliners' Trailer: A Sequel To The 1990 Film, But With Less Bacon
The 1990 film Flatliners starred Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, and Kiefer Sutherland in a science fiction/horror combo in which a group of medical students explore the boundary between life and death The new sequel is directed by Niels Arden Oplev (the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and an episode of Mr[...]
Kiefer Sutherland Signs On For Flatliners Reboot
The actor who is already headlining the new ABC series Designated Survivor and has been mentioned by the producers of the new 24: Legacy series as a possible guest star… has no signed on to the reboot of the 1990 film he stared in, Flatliners. Sutherland will play a season doctor in the remake along side[...]