BC Mag #1: Tim Burton's Guided Tour Of The World Of Frankenweenie

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly. Tim Burton's Frankenweenie is clearly a very personal film. Made in his new hometown of London, it's set in a fictionalised, miniaturised, stop-motion version of his native Burbank. Like Burton himself, the lead character, Victor Frankenstein, tragically loses his pet dog at a young age. And also like […]

Frankenweenie Featurette Packs New Footage, Chatter

Tim Burton, his cast and producers have some yammering to do, and some clips from Frankenweenie to show in between. Do be warned that this featurette gives away some plot specifics that have been kept pretty much under wraps until now. I hope you can see how beautifully well designed the whole thing is from […]

London Film Festival Launch: Tim Burton, The Absentee Master And Pastries

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. While Brendon was in a screening and Hannah was standing around in a field,* I had the pleasure of waking up early and scooting myself over to the BFI's press release event for the BFI's 56th London Film Festival. While the buzz word around twitter going into the screening […]

Listen To Karen O's Original Song For Frankenweenie

Tim Burton┬árecruited Karen O to write and perform a new song for Frankenweenie. The brief was to write 'an unconventional unconditional love song,' the better to reflect the bond between a young boy and his deceased, latterly reanimated dog. This follows Karen O's original songs for Where The Wild Things Are. I think this particular […]

Frankenweenie Panel – Footage, Q&A And Some Silly Cosplay

Disney's afternoon block in the San Diego Comic-Con Hall H started with Tim Burton and Frankenweenie. We got going with a new, retro-styled trailer that aped the B-movie promos of the 50s, and later we saw two full scenes. The first of the two clips was a classroom scene with the teacher, voiced by Martin […]