Sony Hacked By GOP – Fury, Annie And More Released On-Line

On Monday, a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace (or GOP) hacked into Sony's internal network and froze all their computers with a screen saying: "Hacked by #GOP" and a ticking clock for Sony to meet their demands before sensitive data was released to the world. Over the holiday a number of the companies watermarked […]

October 17th Is Going To Be A Very Busy Weekend In The Theaters

Sony has moved it's World War II drama Fury up from November 14th to October 17th. The thought is the studio hopes to give the Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf and Logan Lerman film a longer playtime over awards season. The move adds one more to the already crowded weekend that includes Universal's Dracula Untold with […]

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Manhattan Projects, Morning Glories, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, The End Times Of Bram And Ben, Wolverine & The X-Men, Cable & X-Force, Batgirl, Katana, Powers, Avengers Assemble, Fury, Buffy, Avengers Arena, Ghostbusters

This is the Albert Einstein we always deserved and yet, until Manhattan Projects we never got a whiff of until now. I'm so glad we got Manhattan Projects. Morning Glories does the hideous trick of applying a child's logic to the Bible. Which is just the kind of thing it was never meant to stand […]

Did Doctor Who Swipe Alan Moore's Captain Britain?

The writer of last night's Doctor Who, Toby Whithouse, has a very small history of this sort of thing. Check out his Miracleman/Being Human Swipe File. It was absolutely blatant. But it's another Alan Moore comic being referenced here, one with a character designed by Alan Davis. What about The Gunslinger and… The Fury? Both […]

Garth Ennis Sends Nick Fury To Assassinate Fidel Castro

Grath Ennis' Fury book has a certain controversial reputation to live up to. The first series he wrote managed to kill the George Clooney-starring film adaptation, so horrified by the comic were Clooney's people. This event eventually saw Bill Jemas pushed out of Marvel. How will Ennis top that his time? I'm not sure the […]

Tripwire's Audacity Of Hope

Earlier this week, I ran a piece previewing the Tripwire Annual 2009, shipping next month. Tripwire is a long-running occasional comics-and-film magazine, with a unique style and design. It's an accessible intelligent product. A good read, an engaging tone, even a collectable item in its own right, if you're into that kind of thing. But its latest issue, the […]