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LBCC 2015: What I Took Home From the Show
I left with a hardback volume that collected the first six issues, with autographs! Sunday afternoon, I attended the panel "Indie Creators, Unite! How to Make Self-Publishing a Reality" where I ran into panelist and friend, Gavin Hignight (The Concrete World, Nickelodeon's TMNT) He happened to have an extra copy of his novel The Freak Table[...]
LBCC 2015: Indie Creators Talk Shop With Jody Houser, Josh Trujillo, Jacon Semahn, Gavin Hignight & Bryant Dillon
As moderator, she introduced the panelists: Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Cupcake POW!), Josh Trujillo (Love Machines), Jacob Semahn (Goners from Image), Gavin Hignight (Nickelodeon's TMNT, The Concrete World), and Bryant Dillon (Identify Thief, Something Animal), before leading them in a round of exploratory questions to better understand the world of self-publishing. Barbra Dillon asked the panelists,[...]
The Five Keys To Success In Indie Comics At Long Beach Comic Expo
However at a recent Long Beach Comic Expo, indie creators in the audience were told that they 100% had the ability to create their own comic. Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon hosted the Indie Creators, Unite! A Guide to Self-Publishing panel and was joined by indie creators Yehudi Mercado (Pantalones, TX, Buffalo Speedway), Siike Donnelly[...]