Here I Go Again

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: Here I Go Again

But the program knocks Gideon offline and while she is trying to fix it, Zari is hit in the face with some kind of timey-wimey green-liquid, some of which she swallows.. and then the fun begins.She relives that one hour over and over, trying to save the crew, learning more about each member.. most of[...]


Legends of Tomorrow Season 3: Why Gideon is Taking Physical Form Again

In a previous bottle episode, they introduced a physical form for the Waverider's AI, Gideon This brought actress Amy Louise Pemberton who does the voice, on to the ship itself In the episode Here I Go Again, the team is trapped in a time loop with only Zari (Tala Ashe) remembering what has happened each[...]

Did Gideon's Voice Sound Familiar To You? It Should

But if you watched this most recent episode of The Flash you might have recognized Baccarin's voice as that of Harrison Well's computer AI Gideon.But Baccarin has been playing in the DC Comics pool for a while now having voiced Black Canary on the Justice League series, Talia al Ghul in Son Of Batman and Cheetah[...]