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Invader Zim Is Back With New Figures From Diamond Select
Fans will be able to choose between Alien Zim and Robot Gir, Dog Disguise Gir and Gaz, and lastly, Boy Disguise Zim and Dib Each one is loaded with great accessories from Invader Zim that fans will really appreciate. Invader Zim recently had a new animated film, which was a blast to watch, and these figures[...]
Invader Zim #27 cover by Maddie C. and Fred C. Stresing
It's not as subversive as #25, but it did entertain me more. It contains even more of that anarchic Invader Zim humor, moving forward on a plot without it really being the reason you're here. A noticeable change from the show as well as the last issue I read is Gir He's just as random and aimless[...]
Remembering Moebius Through His Art
For many Americans and Brits, Jean Giraud was the European comics creator whose work we knew Translated and republished in English, his science fiction work under the name of Moebius especially influenced the entire industry. And then he went and did the same thing to Japan as well To influence three separate comics industries so heavily,[...]